Electronic Bank Account Management (eBAM)

Manage bank data, corporate signatories and exposures, rapidly and securely

With an Electronic Bank Account Management (eBAM) solution, your company can manage bank data, corporate signatories and exposures across all global accounts rapidly, accurately and securely.

Large corporations, on average, work with more than 20 banks. With paper stashed across the company, how can anyone know which accounts are open or closed, or who has signing privileges? Critical information of where your business has its accounts, and who has access to those accounts, is often stored in filing cabinets and storage boxes. When an audit is due, do you know where your signatories are? Does it take time to communicate changes to the necessary channels when an account signer leaves the company or changes departments? The Wallstreet eBAM solution is the best way to manage your entire corporate bank account structure around the world.

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