GBS/ATLAS Global Banking

GBS / Atlas Global Banking is a financial services software application solution specifically designed to provide global support of treasury, payments, and cash management activities.

It supports multiple-entity processing, where each entity is able to perform its own processing independently from the other, allowing the consolidation of operational and financial information for the bank as well as its customers, in real time.

GBS / Atlas Global Banking handles very high transaction volumes and meets the processing demands of the largest banking institutions - including Barclays Capital Group, ING and Banamex. Operating on-line, in real-time, the transaction processing, risk control and management information is available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. The solution is a reliable, powerful and highly scaleable product that can manage the continuous treatment of high-value, high-risk transactions.

Atlas Banking

Atlas Banking was designed to support the wholesale high-value transaction processing requirements of the world's largest banks. The functional scope and depth of the solution is unequalled.

It offers highly efficient, straight through processing for a full range of wholesale and international banking instruments, including FX, MM, Derivatives, Synthetics, Debt, Equities, Loans, and Facilities.

The underpinning technology is HP's NonStop Himalaya architecture. Users can access the application via a PC based terminal emulator or web browser. The management information can be presented using the bank's current information infrastructure or via a choice of industry standard SQL databases. It supports IBAN, the account number standard defined by the European Committee for Banking Standards (ECBS) and the European Multilateral Interbank Fee (MIF).



The Continuous Linked Settlement capitalises on the opportunities offered by the introduction of CLS Bank FX processing.

It provides the functions needed to support a CLS Settlement Member, as well as enabling the member bank to provide profitable third and fourth party CLS services to other non-member institutions.

Based on the proven GBS / Atlas technology and architecture, CLS Server operates as a stand-alone application that can be rapidly integrated into the bank's existing processing infrastructure.


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